Autumn Detox

This year’s AUTUMN DETOX starts September 13, 2023!

With the arrival of September, we are saying good bye to the warmth of summer and move into the cooler and darker months of the year. The carefree time of summer vacations, ample sunshine, days at the beach and garden parties is coming to an end and that also means back to work, back to school, back to spending more time inside, back to cooler temperatures. Are you ready for it?

It helps to really ground oneself in the moment and take in all the beauty there is. Yes, the nights are darker, but the stars are amazing. The sky is just full of them, brimming with tiny lights. The beach season may be over, but a brief morning swim still is deliciously invigorating. Tasting your own garden’s root vegetables is exquisitely satisfying.

In transitions like this, go easy on your body. If we give our bodies a chance to gently release toxins and we take a break from compromising eating habits for a little while, we can transition into the colder time of the year with much more ease. By simplifying our diet we can experience a boost of vitality as well as strengthen our immune system in preparation for flu season ahead.

If you would like a little structure and assistance in detoxing and revitalizing your body and mind this fall, I invite you to

Give my popular guided online AUTUMN DETOX with whole foods a try

We start September 13

As always – you can join in from anywhere in the world. Everybody will do the Detox at home in their own kitchen. Recipes and instructions as well as online support will of course be provided!

If you would like to

  • boost your vitality and mental clarity
  • loose a few pounds
  • end sugar cravings
  • have glowing, gorgeous skin
  • reduce congestion and inflammation
  • ease joint pain
  • feel light and clean
  • establish new healthy eating patterns
  • strengthen your immunity before flu season hits

then my online guided AUTUMN DETOX with whole foods is for you.

Here are the Details:

When you sign up for the detox you will receive step-by-step instructions on

  • Exactly what to do (there will be no confusion)
  • What to eat (clear guidelines and explanations)
  • How to prepare your food (easy recipes and instructions)
  • How to enhance your detox with non-food activities (pleasurable self-care tips and techniques)
  • How to effortlessly transition into the detox (preparing body and mind)
  • How to smoothly transition out of the detox (so you can retain the benefits) 

This is what you get:

  • Complete Detox Guide with step-by-step instructions for each day
  • Simple, delicious whole foods recipes
  • Non-food Detox Boosters to enhance your detox experience
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group moderated by me for two weeks – a place where you can ask questions and feel fully supported

Investment in your health: $ 137



“I felt very tired, my digestion was sluggish and I was afraid of the approaching autumn and the impact cold weather would have on my body. Fortunately, I heard about Marika’s Autumn Detox. It was my first experience with a detox and I am very happy I participated. These were five challenging days, but the result was wonderful – good digestion, more energy and even a small weight loss. I liked the morning smoothie very much and the new habit of drinking apple cider vinegar water. Marika was very supportive and every question received a quick reply and a full explanation. I will definitely participate in the Spring Detox too.”


“Thank you for your guidance, Marika! We began transitioning out this weekend, but are amazed at the ‘in-bodyness’ we felt this week. We are grateful to have experienced our bodies in this way and are so, so thankful for the practical tools and motivation we have now for integrating good things in our daily routine. And how less appealing sugar is now.”


“Marika Blossfeldt’s autumn detox was highly worthwhile and valuable for me. I was already a vegan, yet the refinements and kicking of certain food habits were a useful revelation. Marika’s recipes are simple and easy to execute while being delicious and satisfying. My experience was loss of weight and a sense of clarity and a somatic feeling of alkalinity. I lost the sugar, the caffeine, the processed foods, and the acid-makers. This is a very worthwhile detox-cleanse to experience and it is most capably guided and instructed by Marika. I certainly would do it again.”


“This has been an enjoyable experience and has helped me clean up some poor habits I had related to eating. I am continuing with the smoothie and enjoying trying the recipes you have provided in addition to those from the autumn detox. I also ordered your book to continue helping me understand nourishment and to be better at cooking!
I am going to go to a food allergist on Thursday to be tested as I suspect either a wheat or dairy allergy in relation to some significant bloating after eating it. Although I feel I was mindful I want to be sure since it is hard to diagnose myself. I am hoping combined with what I have learned on the detox I will really be in a much healthier balance for myself.
Thank you again and thanks to all who shared their different experiences and questions.”


“Thanks again for all the valuable information. I certainly feel better energy, I can process my thoughts and ideas more quickly and feel less overwhelmed during difficult situations. I am taking the time to pay attention to my body and thoughts. I am also enjoying the taste of the delicious food prepared as I am chewing my food more slowly.”


“Taking part in the autumn detox gave my body and mind a good restart for the fall. I found motivation in the realistic time commitment and simplicity of the detox’s approach. Along with components of the structured detox, I was able to use this time as motivation to get other aspects of my health in order that I had been putting off. The results were extremely positive and I have been able to integrate many aspects into my normal routine to continue past the detox period. I highly recommend the detox!”


“My favorite part of the Detox was the process itself. Also I liked the kicheree very much. I will keep on cooking it. I lost some weight and I really don’t want to eat food with sugar anymore. I realized while on the Detox that it is easier to eat healthy if it is planned in advance and even cheaper. As a facilitator you were professional and supportive. I would love to do this again – several times per year.”


“The food on the detox was delicious, satisfying and simple to prepare. Even if I had chosen to go to work during the detox, I would have been able to carry it with me easily.
I enjoyed being home where I had no excuse to eat and multi-task. It was actually TOUGH  not to at least read while I ate, since I am so used to always doing something else during a meal.
I learned that when I am alone with the meal in front of me, to savor, I eat less because I notice when I’m satisfied – and actually taste what I’m consuming.
You were a very patient and responsive facilitator. I would do it again.”


“The reason why your Autumn Detox caught my eye was classic. After having been in a vicious circle of too much mental and emotional stress for some years, more hours in front of the computer, in meetings and on the plane, less physical activity, more wine and unhealthy food for emotional compensation and turning 50, I started to experience several signs and symptoms (tiredness, stiff joins, sleeping disturbances, dissatisfaction with increasing body weight etc) that spoke to me very clearly about the need of change in my lifestyle. Being a medical professional, I knew theoretically very well, what was wrong and what had to be changed, but I lacked inspiration and motivation.
But when I read about your detox program, I felt, that I am ready. It was like the last straw for making prolonged and profound changes in my lifestyle.
I did not follow the program word for word and modified it according to my lifestyle, but followed all the main principles. I love the recipes, especially the kicheree. I am a poor cook, but I combined the program with starting to order vegetables, berries and lettuces straight from the farms, where they also offer organic food. I started to practice the 5 Tibetan exercises more regularly in the mornings. As a result I feel very good. I have more energy, I feel lighter and more active, sleep better.
And last, but not least: I applaud to your highly professional and delicate approach in putting this program together and in leading the way for us participants. I recognize that a lot of knowledge and experience has gone into it. In medicine we use the term evidence based, and this is what your advice is.”


“I liked that the Detox made my body feel light and relaxed. In two weeks my body weight dropped 3.7 kg. It is much easier for me to move and the pain in my knees is reduced. It was surprisingly easy to manage my sweet cravings.
Marika was very supportive throughout the program and always answered everybody’s questions. I would also like to point out that her instructions were thorough and very easy to understand. Most likely I will participate in future Detoxes and Cleanses, because by doing it in a group it is much easier to keep your motivation up.”


“I really loved this detox because it made me feel grounded yet very light with a lot of energy.  My favorite part of the detox was learning about all the spices and feeling so well nourished after eating the beans and rice mixed together. The most spectacular result for me was the absence of my osteo – arthritis pain as well as weight loss and increased energy level. I realize how important it is to listen to my body and act accordingly. I can trust my body to tell me if something is good for me or not as well as knowing when I should stop eating.
I think Marika is a marvelous detox coach and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel wonderful and healthy. I definitely would do this detox again.”


“It was my first detox and I learned so much from it. I loved the feeling of eating healthier food, preparing it myself, going to bed at 22.00 and waking up at 07.00, my days got so much longer and I managed to so much more.
I have had problems with my facial skin and I see the difference after the detox: it is getting so much better.
Before the detox I was afraid that I will feel hungry and tired, but not at all. I had so much more energy, felt so rested and light.
I will definitely keep a lot of what I learned in my life: taking time to eat and enjoy food, starting my day with 2 glasses of water, trying different smoothies for breakfast, eating more colorful food and spending more time in the kitchen experimenting with different herbs and food.
My favorite part of the detox was getting to know what my body actually needs and to listen to that and not to eat and do things that I think are good, but really to take time to  listen to my body and to take that into account.
I really loved you as a detox facilitator. It was guided very well and when I had questions you really took time to reply and made everybody feel involved. It showed that you really cared.
I would definitely do the detox again and I am sure I will.”


“It was my first time to be in a detox course, and I did like it. At first I was scared, I wouldn’t be able to stay away from the food I usually have, but everything went smoothly. There was no problem saying no to bread, which I love, or to ham and cheese …. I didn’t feel hungry and the food was interesting and delicious for me. The favorite part of the detox was when I realized my skirt was suddenly looser at the waist! Also feeling lighter and clear-minded came as a gift with this course. The Instructor was always there every day answering our questions and helping to get over some issues we had. From now on I’ll try to keep eating whole foods as much I can and keep myself away from coffee for example! Thank you very much, Marika, for such an interesting experience! I would do it again!”


“I experienced, that the best way to greet a change in season is to change the old energy in both body and mind for a new one. It is unbelievable, how many changes can happen in just 5 days and on all levels. And all of this without having to starve yourself – without having to listen to your stomach growl, seeing delicious foods in your dreams, sensing in my nostrils the irresistible aroma of coffee and without pouring unpleasant emotions over my family that might stem from some nutritional frustration … I seems to me that the key to this wonderfully balanced feeling was the very composition of the Detox menu, which simply did not allow for any withdrawal symptoms or ups and downs in your mood that usually accompany common diets and cleanses. And, last but not least – the group dynamic! It was so encouraging to read other detoxers’ experiences and comments – turns out that we are after all quite similar, while at the same time being quite different. I could feel that others were also very much immersed into the process and when anybody had questions that needed to be clarified, Marika was quick to respond with in-depth and satisfactory answers.
Now I just need to watch that the new habits which formed in this short amount of time (to be present – in each moment; to find even just a few minutes per day for yourself; to „drink your food and eat your drink“) will not evade me. Surely I would like to experience this born again feeling again!”