Welcome to RENEW YOU

Hi, I help women in their 40s, 50s and 60s to turn back the clock and RENEW their youthfulness, vibrancy and passion for life.

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, you have arrived at the right place:

  • Your energy isn’t what it used to be
  • You have joint pain
  • You are worried about brittle bones
  • Your skin has lost its glow
  • Your weight keeps creeping up
  • You feel sluggish and bloated
  • Your blood sugar level is all over the place
  • You are afraid of silent inflammation
  • You want to avoid type 2 diabetes
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting dietary recommendations out there

I am happy to offer you five powerful antidotes. Here are my health and beauty solutions in a nut shell:

1 Identify the naturally delicious energy-building foods that are right for you,

for your body, your bio-individuality, and your age, as well as eliminate foods that upset your personal equilibrium.

2 Rekindle your sense of purpose, your soul’s calling

Because there is more to nourishment than the food on your plate: What are you passionate about? What brings you joy and fulfillment?

3 Experience the positive ripple effect movement has on your well-being

It can lift your mood and make you feel confident, sexy and comfortable in your body. It helps build strong bones and muscle at any age. After all, a happy body is a moving body.

4 Make time to nurture your important relationships

Harmonious relationships create a safe place for you to be YOU and bring back your glow.

5 Feed your soul daily

Slow down and look within, spend time alone, journal, listen to music, breathe deeply, walk in nature, meditate … all of which will help you to connect to your essence.

I am here to help you become the happiest and healthiest version of YOU.

It is my passion and joy to get you there by providing you with nourishing inspiration, nutrition tips that work, mouthwatering recipes, transformational online programs, guided online cleanses, one-on-one coaching, an award-winning book as well as access to rejuvenating wellness and yoga retreats.

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To your health and happiness,

Marika Blossfeldt