Holistic Nourishment

… encompasses the food on your table, but also includes vital non-food holistic nourishment.

Holistic Nourishment

When it comes to eatables, I recommend those that are as close as possible to what Mother Earth provides. These natural foods offer the most energy, life force and nutrients. They are the best nourishment for you and your family, and their impact on the planet is minimal. Natural whole foods are truly a win-win.

In addition, I believe that we can’t be happy and healthy unless our lives are well nourished by essential non-food ingredients such as enjoyable exercise/physical activities, satisfying work/hobbies, harmonious relationships and fulfilling spiritual practices.

Holistic NourishmentSo often we reach for food to compensate, console or numb us when our non-food nourishment is lacking or out of balance. But food will never be able to fill that gap, to even out imbalances or undo inadequacies in these vital areas of our lives. That is simply not food’s job.

While food can sustain and regenerate your body, creating a solid base for your health and well-being, it can never solve the shortcomings in your relationships, your work situation, your physical activity level or your spiritual life.

However, a nourishing, satisfying and grounding diet can provide just the right amount of support and stability you need to resolve imbalances in these fundamental areas.

Holistic NourishmentWe all have different food requirements. I serve up a healthy portion of information seasoned with a dash of inspiration to help you make smart food choices and design your own way of eating—one that fits your body and your lifestyle. You will come to understand how food works in your body and be able to embrace a healthy way of sustaining yourself that feels natural, without strict rules or regulations.

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