Are you ready to EAT CLEAN?

We start July 12, 2022 – please mark your calendar!

Get to know how great it feels to give your body a CLEAN EATING experience that is not only healthy, nutrient dense and balanced, but delectable and satisfying as well.

Are you ready to eat clean?

What to expect from EATING CLEAN for 15 days ?

  • lose your sugar cravings
  • feel amazing running on clean energy
  • reduce inflammation by creating a self-healing environment in the body
  • learn to balance acid and alkaline foods
  • enjoy an even keel blood sugar level, without the ups and downs in mood and concentration
  • feel grounded, supported and confident re your food choices
  • delight in a sharp and clear mind
  • eliminate aches and pains
  • experience a boost of energy so you can fully enjoy the longer days of summer
  • drop a few pounds of extra weight without ever depriving yourself
  • clear up your skin for a lovely glowing complexion
  • establish new healthy eating habits
  • learn to plan and prepare simple, delicious and nutritionally balanced meals

There will be many recipes and menu plans to choose from and there will be a lot of flexibility, so that omnivores, pescetarians, flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans and everybody in between will be able to enjoy the EAT CLEAN Summer Challenge.

Even dessert is allowed, as long as it is based on whole foods – yummy recipes will of course be provided!

Please find all the delicious details HERE.

Investment in your health: $ 157

Book by June 28 and save with Early Bird pricing: $ 127