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COOKING WITH MARIKA: Clean Cuisine from an Estonian Farm

August 27, 2020 – GOLD Medal from the Living Now Book Awards in the category “Cookbooks – ethnic, holiday, specialty”

November 20, 2020 – Winner in the category “Cookbooks: International” of the 2020 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest

December 22, 2020 – Winner in the category “Non-fiction: Cookbook” of the 2020 Best Indie Book Award

March 2021 – Finalist of the Foreword Reviews 2020 Book Awards in the “Cooking” category

May 8, 2021 – Gold Award of the Kops-Fetherling Book Award in the “Cookbook” category

June 18, 2021 – Finalist of the 2021 International Book Awards in the “Cookbooks – International” category sponsored by American Book Fest

November 5, 2021 – Finalist of the 2021 Independent Publishers of New England Book Awards in the “Informational Non-Fiction” category. 


COOKING WITH MARIKA: Clean Cuisine from an Estonian Farm

July 6, 2020 – Jenny Hartin of Eat Your Books        

COOKING WITH MARIKA: Clean Cuisine from an Estonian Farm by Marika Blossfeldt is a cookbook and nutrition guide in one. Integrating the wisdom of Eastern philosophies with the knowledge of Western science, Marika guides the reader to a deeper understanding of how food affects our entire being. She teaches us how to strengthen immunity, restore and maintain a healthy digestive tract, prevent inflammation, and lose weight – without counting calories, dieting, or deprivation. The title feels like a trip to a spa. Pamper yourself with nourishing food and self-care.

July 1, 2020 – Abby Foster of Chronogram Magazine    Six Books for Your July Reading List:

Inspired by the culinary philosophy of her native country of Estonia, Beacon-based chef and author Marika Blossfeldt’s latest cookbook features non-doctrinaire recipes that promote a deeper understanding of how food affects us. There’s no white sugar or white flour here, but plenty of healthy Estonian fare like sourdough bread and lacto-fermented vegetables. Her nutritional recipes are replete with a plethora of health benefits like boosting immunity, maintaining a healthy digestive tract, preventing inflammation, and weight loss. To Blossfeldt, the biggest dietary change is one of awareness, paying attention when we shop for our food and prepare it healthfully.


COOKING WITH MARIKA: Clean Cuisine from an Estonian Farm

Finally, Marika’s cookbook for the 21st century is available in its English version. Blossfeldt’s book transports us back to a world we all long for, the wholesome world of home-cooked fresh foods at her Estonian farm. This book is not only a luminous feast for the eyes – thanks to photographer Hele-Mai Alamaa – but it is also a great source for navigating today’s complicated food world. There are sections on basic nutrition principles, gut health, weight loss, inflammation, cleansing and more, all teaching us about food as a basis for whole-body health. Of course, we can all use some inspiration on how to incorporate more plant-based foods into our meal plans. You will find lots of inspiration in this delectable book.

Susanne Meyer-Fitzsimmons, award winning author of Deep Living: Healing Yourself to Heal the Planet, Warwick, NY

Thanks to Marika for creating this inspired and “nourishing” guide to nutrition, food and lifestyle. Written in a simple, open-hearted and approachable style, it combines traditional Estonian classics with delicious natural foods recipes that will appeal to the modern appetite. Get curious about improving your health and let this book guide your journey to well-being.  

Cathy Vogt, author of Cultivating Joy in the Kitchen: Plant Forward Recipes & Soulful Nourishment, Highland, NY

Marika Blossfeldt’s Cooking with Marika is so much more than a cookbook. Prepare to be transported to a lovely, serene landscape of stunning beauty with a perfectly easygoing guide who enchants you with tales of her life in Estonia – how she breathes, how she moves, how she eats – only to find that during your visit, this has become your world and your landscape. The delicious foods and recipes are yours now as well.

Rick Kleffel, Independent Producer, National Public Radio,, Aptos, CA

This cookbook will change your life for the better. Marika writes so beautifully and expertly about the body and mind while offering richly colorful recipes for inspiring meals, both every day and through seasonal cleanses. Full-body nourishment never seemed so attainable as it does in these pages.

Jennifer Clair, author of Six Basic Cooking Techniques, Beacon, NY   

More than once, I had to stop reading Marika’s recipes and run into my kitchen to cook! The addition of wild edibles and fermented foods will bring new flavors to your palate and more nourishment to your plate. Fresh ingredients shine when they are prepared simply, as they are in these recipes. Here is a cookbook you will keep front and center in your healthy kitchen. Hele-Mai’s lovely photographs bring you into a sweet life in the countryside. 

Holly Shelowitz, Culinary Nutrition Educator and Chef, Rhinebeck, NY  

At a time when new teachings about nutrition and miracle diets seem to appear daily, Marika Blossfeldt’s book is like a breath of fresh air. Marika’s philosophy about food, based on a holistic and harmonious way of life, is easy to understand and accessible to everyone. It is nice that the author does not dictate what to do or not do. On the contrary, she steers clear of extremes and fanaticism, and with a genial and relaxed tone she guides her readers on a path to health, well-being, and harmony.

Mari-Liis Ilover, Food Writer and Nutritionist, Tallinn, Estonia