Clean Cuisine from an Estonian Farm

is the second book in a series about cooking passionately, eating joyfully and living fully.

Release date: May 8, 2020

Thrilled to announce that COOKING WITH MARIKA has won the Living Now GOLD medal in the category “Cookbooks – ethnic, holiday, specialty”,  is the Winner in the category “Cookbooks: International” of the 2020 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest and is the Winner in the category “Non-fiction: Cookbook” of the 2020 Best Indie Book Award.










COOKING WITH MARIKA will teach you how to:

  • strengthen your immune system
  • cleanse your body from the inside out with seasonal detoxes
  • restore and maintain a healthy digestive system
  • prevent inflammation
  • lose weight—without counting calories, dieting or depriving yourself, but simply by eating delicious and nutritious food

Lacto-fermented Cherry TomatoesCOOKING WITH MARIKA








From the nutrition and lifestyle chapters, you will learn to:

  • prevent dips in energy
  • relieve stress
  • prevent weight gain
  • eliminate digestive distress
  • stabilize your moods
  • experience greater enjoyment in your kitchen and life
  • strengthen your life force

Blueberry Tart









You will find recipes for nourishing, easy-to-prepare and delectable foods:

  • soups that make your belly hum
  • refreshing salads
  • luxurious weekend breakfasts
  • powerful dishes made from wild plants
  • grounding grains
  • lacto-fermented vegetables
  • energizing leafy greens
  • nourishing legumes
  • surprising dressings and dips
  • sourdough breads and muffins
  • cakes and desserts made with alternative flours

My recipes are based on natural whole foods and consist of only a few lovable, nourishing ingredients.

No complicated food preparation techniques are involved because fresh, seasonal, quality produce is all you need.

I invite you to discover new real ingredients filled with life force and flavor. May this book be your companion for taking care of yourself gently, for accepting yourself exactly as you are in this moment and for creating a life that you love.

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