Spring Cleanse

This year’s Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse will start April 6, 2024!

I am super excited to be offering you a guided whole foods cleanse this spring. And you can join in from anywhere in the world.

This whole foods cleanse is a very gentle way of detoxing the body, eliminating sluggishness and resetting your metabolism for the new season. And the best thing about it is: there is no need to fast or go hungry to reap the benefits.

By eating delicious foods that are naturally mineral rich and alkalizing you provide your body with the perfect inner ecology for healing, repairing and rebuilding on a deep cellular level. At the same time your body is gently nudged into purging toxins, metabolic waste as well as a few pounds of extra winter weight.

If you would like to

  • boost your energy and mental clarity
  • jump-start your weight loss efforts
  • end sugar cravings
  • have glowing, gorgeous skin
  • reduce congestion and inflammation
  • feel light and clean
  • establish new healthy eating habits
  • release the old and welcome the new

then I invite you join me for the Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse with whole foods.

The cleanse is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike. If you have allergies or sensitivities to wheat, gluten, lactose, casein, soy or nuts –
rest assured – the cleanse will be free of all common trigger foods.

Here are the Details:

When you sign up for the cleanse you will receive step-by-step instructions on

  • Exactly what to do (there will be no confusion)
  • What to eat (clear guidelines and explanations)
  • How to prepare your food (easy recipes and instructions)
  • How to enhance your cleanse with non-food activities (pleasurable self-care tips and techniques)
  • How to effortlessly transition into the cleanse (preparing body and mind)
  • How to smoothly transition out of the cleanse (so you can retain the benefits)

This is what you get:

  • Complete Cleanse Guide with step-by-step instructions for each day
  • Simple, delicious whole foods recipes
  • A shopping list
  • Non-food Cleanse Boosters to enhance your cleanse experience
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group moderated by me for two weeks – a place where you can ask questions and feel fully supported

Investment in your health:  $ 147  


The beauty of this cleanse is, that you can do it all without ever feeling hungry, wondering what to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner, working hours in the kitchen or spending money on expensive supplements.

It is the perfect cleanse even for beginner cleansers. If you have been wondering what it would be like to do a cleanse but never felt sure how to go about it, then this is a great opportunity. You will be well taken care of.

Being on the cleanse will simplify your life substantially, allowing you and your body more rest and leisurely down time. It truly is a gift to your body.

Why a Spring Cleanse?

Cleansing is like a tune up for your body. You support your liver in getting rid of any impurities and sluggishness while helping your immune system to kick in, enhancing your body’s own healing mechanisms. While clearing your physical body’s congestion you also facilitate the clearing of your emotions, your heart and mind allowing you to hear your body’s wisdom and receive new insights.

Spring is the perfect time for a cleanse as it is the season associated with renewal, regeneration and new beginnings.

A valuable side effect of the cleanse is, that you will be able to identify the foods that make you feel heavy, bloated and inflamed, helping you to be more mindful when it comes to feeding yourself the foods that make you thrive rather than unknowingly eating foods that bring you down.

We will begin transitioning into the cleanse on April 4 and starting the cleanse on April 6.

I won’t be offering this cleanse for another 12 months, so if this is something you are considering, I urge you to take action now.


“Marika is a God sent…an absolute caring and interested woman helping me to benefit from participating in her cleanse. The cleanse was a complete change in my eating habits and choice of foods…I must say I was not a junk food eater but I did love my sweets and carbs (cake, cookies, bread & pastas). Now, I no longer have that need to eat sweets and I am going to continue in that direction. I learned how foods work in my system and what I should eat and not eat. I was so happy to lose 11 pounds and am eager to continue in that way.

Thank You Marika, and I look forward to doing this again!”


“The cleanse was so helpful in getting me back to healthy eating habits using a whole-foods approach. Marika’s knowledge is impeccable, and her answers were prompt and thorough. The instructions were easy to follow; the cleanse was truly easy-breezy! She got all participants together in an on-line community so that we could share questions, answers and experiences. It was motivating, helpful, and fun to be a part of this together with enthusiastic participants from around the world. I lost the last couple of pounds I needed to lose, and no longer crave junk food and coffee. I am looking forward to future cleanses with Marika!”


“I’m usually not able to limit my eating in any ways (never been able to carry out any special diets), I try to eat healthy in general (whole foods, lots of greens, no junk). But it was really easy in this cleanse as I didn’t feel hungry at any point of the cleanse and it was easy to say no to different edible attractions.
The cleanse enabled me to lose 2,5 kg, which were gained during the winter season, and which I found difficult to loose with my normal eating habits. The cleanse also renewed my motivation of eating healthy/avoiding sweets.

Marika is an excellent cleanse facilitator having sufficient answers to all questions related to healthy living, guiding people on any level in a patient and friendly manner.”


“As a person who really loves to cook, your cleanse really appealed to me because everything tasted so good, all natural foods that didn’t make me feel like I was missing anything.

I also appreciated the feedback to questions, making it seem that the “coach” was always there and listening. I also was glad for the group of people, some of whom asked questions that I hadn’t even thought of. The positive support was absolutely integral in keeping it easy to stay true to the cleanse. It addressed many aspects of my life, not just diet. It was probably the closest thing to being at a spa, while still being at home.

The cleanse came just at the right time in my life, when I had been actively fine-tuning my already fairly healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t a crash-diet where I felt I was starving. The food was healthy and filling, and always freshly cooked. The suggested lifestyle changes were achievable and realistic. When the time came to wean off of the cleanse, it was easy to replace old bad habits with new positive ones.”


“What I liked most about the Cleanse is that you eat very wholesome and nutritious food and are not starving. The Cleanse helps you to get rid of cravings without you even realizing it. My cravings for sugar have lessened. It feels like my body functions smoother. The Cleanse allowed me to realize that sleep is very important and should not be underestimated.

I have done the “master cleanse” on my own and it was 100 times harder. Marika has the knowledge to address your concerns and to give you options if something doesn’t work for you. I learned so much about vegetables and herbs thanks to her.

Would I do it again? Absolutely!!!! It was an eye opening experience!”


“One of the great things about this cleanse was the simplicity of the program. I didn’t have to worry about what or when to eat next. It was nice to have a forum – I haven’t really participated in one before, but it felt safe and supportive to just let loose online. For some reason, reporting daily to my fellow cleansers helped keep me in line.

There is more thoughtfulness now regarding my eating habits. I haven’t had any caffeine for 2 weeks, and I’m not really missing it much either.

I’m delighted to have lost a few pounds, putting me back at my mid 20’s weight. Sweet. I feel clearer, lighter, more energetic, and I think these things have boosted my self-image, lifted my spirits and general outlook on life.

As the cleanse facilitator, Marika was helpful and encouraging, providing sage guidance. Thank you so much!”


“This Spring Cleanse was a real gift to myself!. For me it turned out to be easier than I had thought because I do love veggies. I never felt hungry. If there was a need for something extra, a piece of fruit or avocado was the perfect choice.

Marika was a wonderful guide with clear instructions, good structure, informing and uplifting comments during the process. My way to a better life started with her 3 years ago when I found Marika´s book. Her book is a treasure for me!

I got rid of my eternal coffee drinking with sweet pastry in the afternoon. I am still drinking herbal teas and have not even changed to green tea which I consider to do in the future. Also, I am now thinking of cacao as my pleasure drink. It is amazing how my sense of taste has evolved. I can now trust myself to know what is good for me.

I got rid of the late night snack habit. I lost some weight, feel lighter, pure and beautiful full of faith and hope. I also noticed that my mind stabilized itself. If something negative pops up I am able to let go of it and do not hold on to it.

The keyword at the moment is awareness: just being present and making good choices with love for myself. My skin looks clear and smooth. I am definitely going to keep up with the new good habits because I wish myself a healthy happy life.”


“I found it surprisingly easy to follow the rules of the cleanse. Belonging to a group was very helpful and supportive, but also feeling light and easy physically was very motivating. It was also interesting for me, that I had no cravings when I managed to ground myself – taking more time, staying really in the present moment with my activities and attention etc. Feeling this calmness and presence was the strongest emotion for me from this cleanse and I have the feeling after I experienced it I more likely will manage to be present and aware of what and how I am doing and eating also in the future in my everyday life. Thank you, Marika, for the very gentle and professional support!”


“I was hesitant as I often am about any kind of cleanse, but I was drawn to the concept of “whole food” cleanse instead of the magical juice cleanses that make you drop weight and are not realistic. Instead, this was sustainable and I ate delicious wholesome food daily. Whole, good and nourishing foods that were simple and well thought out by Marika.

Clearly something shifted in my body as a result as my cravings have lifted and I feel lighter in my mind and body. I had so much energy (enough to get my apartment painted and deal with the mayhem of that, and the beautiful results from cleansing my home too!). A huge change was that I learned I could go to bed at 10 pm! I felt motivated to take actions in my life and deal with tough events instead of stuff myself with just enough sweet crunch to get comfortably numb.

I felt attended to by Marika and gently guided and supported as she promptly shared wisdom and encouragement. This cleanse was a treat, a healthy treat that ignited my desire to live healthier and more vibrantly. Marika lives her message, clearly — and carries it beautifully.”


“I am so happy. It is as though a light switch went on. My overall attitude and mental outlook is more positive and more clear. And it is consistent. No bad moods. My favorite part of the cleanse is how I feel. I feel like a balloon floating in the air — weightless, free and happy.  Also, I think the challenge of the cleanse was really good for my mind, and in turn, my body. I haven’t eaten chocolate in 2 weeks. That amazes me. And now, I don’t even want it. I crave the greens — just can’t get enough greens. In a way, I want to stay on the cleanse because I want to preserve this feeling as long as I can. I am doing a very slow phase out. As a Cleanse facilitator Marika is supportive, responsive and detailed. “


Give your body the gift of a Cleanse

Investment in your health: $ 147