Clean Cuisine from an Estonian Farm

I am happy to inform you, that I am planning to publish my second cookbook/nutrition guide this fall. Estimated publishing date is December 2019.

To raise the necessary funds for printing 2000 copies of the book, I created a Kickstarter campaign, which ended successfully on May 17.

However, it is not too late to support the cause!

If you live in the States, you may still contribute to the publishing of this book by making out a check to GOH Productions ear-marked Polli Talu and sending your donation to GOH Productions, 309 East 4th Street Suite 3 B, New York NY 10009. GOH Productions is a non-profit tax-exempt arts organization under the 501 (c) 3 code, FEI number 132 744 557. Your contribution is tax-exempt to the extent allowable by law. Same perks apply as with Kickstarter. Check out the perks here.