I am thrilled to report, that I am working on the publication of my second cookbook/nutrition guide in English:

Clean Cuisine from an Estonian Farm













It is even more beautiful than my first book, truly a work of art, handsomely designed and graced with gorgeous full-page photographs by Hele-Mai Alamaa, seducing you to start cooking healthful meals right away.

A book that inspires and informs, it promotes a sensible approach to eating, cooking and vibrant living that enables you to maintain digestive health, strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body and mind, prevent inflammation and achieve weight loss.

From the nutrition and lifestyles chapters, you will learn about the profound effects of breathing, awareness and pleasure—and how to use them consciously to counteract stress, weight gain and digestive distress.

My recipes are always based on natural whole foods and call for just a few lovable ingredients. No complicated food preparation techniques are involved because fresh, seasonal, quality produce is all you need.

In order to raise funds for the printing of 2000 books, I have created a Kickstarter campaign and invite you to check it out here.