EAT CLEAN Summer Challenge


Online guided whole foods summer program

Detailed instructions will be emailed starting July 1



When you sign up for the EAT CLEAN Summer Challenge you will receive:

A crash course in food essentials to provide you with the nutritional context for the EAT CLEAN Summer Challenge, covering subjects such as:

  • whole foods versus processed foods
  • keeping our blood sugar balanced with nutrient dense foods versus eating empty sugary foods
  • using food to keep an alkaline reading in the blood
  • using superfoods to boost energy and gut health
  • breakdown on fats: what fats to eat, what oils to use for which cooking techniques, which fats to avoid completely
  • naturally healthy sweetness
  • eating in harmony with the summer season
  • mini meals: nutritious snacking for in between
  • lifestyle suggestions for the summer season


  • Plenty of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to provide ideas and inspiration for 15 days of CLEAN EATING
  • Tips on how to plan and shop for your meals
  • Non-food Health Boosters to enhance your EAT CLEAN experience
  • Full support for the duration of the EAT CLEAN Summer Challenge through access to a Private Facebook Group moderated by me for 17 days – a place where you will get answers and suggestions to all your questions and concerns
  • A 5 day sample menu plan

Investment in your health: $ 167