R & R & R in the Times of Covid-19

Rest, Reflect, Restore, Retreat, Regroup, Redirect, Recharge, Rethink, Recover, Reexamine, Relax and Reset are some of the concepts that come to mind.

What if this virus is here to teach us something? To give us ample opportunity to first REST – don’t we all need more rest? And then to REFLECT, what we could do differently going forward: personally, professionally and as inhabitants of planet Earth.

REST is a big one for me and I have felt the need for it strongly this winter season. Going against the natural rhythm of the season (which is to slow down), I was extremely busy and working crazy hours on my book project. In addition, I had to also keep up with my regular work of organizing, creating, marketing and facilitating my in-person and online programs, workshops and classes.

First thing I did, when the social/physical distancing period began, was to allow myself to sleep at least 9 hours each night. It feels wonderful! And I am truly grateful for this opportunity.

What if this virus is telling us, we cannot go on as usual?

Since the virus is affecting our lungs, it makes me think about the lungs of our planet: forests and jungles. Deforestation is happening on a grand scale in many places around the globe destabilizing O and CO2 balance and thus speeding up climate change. Add pollution and this process accelerates even more.

Nestled between our lungs is our heart – the place where we feel love, compassion, joy and generosity. When our hearts are open, love energy can flow in both directions, replenishing and giving at the same time.

Let us use this time to go inward, to practice self-love, to live in the moment and to celebrate life on our beautiful planet.

Go out and spend time with Mother Nature. Open your eyes and take in her beauty. Open your heart and feel held, nourished, soothed and inspired.

Journal about your feelings, write about your dreams and visions for yourself, your family and for planet Earth.

Together we can find ways to live “sustainably” on our beautiful planet, I am sure of it. Let’s take responsibility for our actions and find ways to coexist harmoniously with Mother Earth and all living beings.

May this time-out bring us an appreciation of simple joys, more peace and more awareness.

I’d like to share a simple breath meditation to RELAX and RESET with you:

Sit comfortably with a straight spine and place your left palm on your heart chakra (in the middle of your chest) and your right palm in the center of your upper abdomen (above your bellybutton). Close your eyes and simply breathe in and out deeply through the nose. As you breathe in, relax your belly and allow it to expand. As you breathe out gently pull the navel towards the spine. Continue breathing in and out slowly and deeply. Feel the warmth of both your hands on your body. Breath in peace and breathe out conflict. Breathe in light and breathe out darkness. Breathe in love and breathe out self-doubt. Breathe in hope and breathe out worry. Continue for at least 5 minutes, then take a deep breath in, hold for a few seconds and then breathe out deeply. Before opening your eyes, check in with yourself: How do you feel? – then slowly open your eyes and take in your surroundings.


A few announcements:

Due to the pandemic I am extending the Early Bird deadline for my Blissful Kundalini Yoga Vacation, July 11 – 17, at my farm in Estonia to May 31.

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My new book, COOKING WITH MARIKA, has been printed in Estonia and is on its way to Beacon, NY. Expected arrival time is the beginning of May.

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