The Reset & Maintain Workshop 2024

Join us on Thursday evenings at my home in Beacon, NY

February 8 – March 7, 6 – 7:30 pm 

  • reset your commitment to healthful eating and living
  • learn how to maintain a doable food and self-care practice
  • lose weight and keep it off … without dieting
  • know the foods to eat for sustained energy, vitality and rejuvenation
  • prevent dips in concentration, mood swings and diabetes
  • support your daily activities by eating with awareness and intention
  • protect your heart and live an active life for years to come
  • combat stress to balance body and mind
  • end silent inflammation, the root cause of all degenerative illnesses
  • nourish yourself with easy to make delicious meals
  • confidently choose the right foods for yourself 

Rainbow Chard

I invite you to join our intimate group of 6 – 8 women for 5 life-changing lessons.

Rest assure, that all your food and diet related questions will be answered. You will gain confidence in making the right food choices for yourself and your family. In essence, this 5-session workshop is a fundamental education in self-care. We will move forward step by step and you will be able to integrate what you learn immediately into your day to day life. Hand-outs and recipes will help you navigate the health food store as well as your kitchen. There will be no more confusion regarding food!

You will find my time-tested recipes easy to follow and open to your own creativity.

Join us!

Cost for workshop: 

Early Bird Pricing is $ 365. Book by January 15

Starting January 16, the price will be $ 425.



“I really appreciate Marika’s knowledge and ability to communicate the information clearly and without personal judgment. I came to the workshop wanting to learn more about foods that I could incorporate into my daily life and merge into my family’s lives. I have come away with more ease in the natural food store (I now select more in the bulk area) and do not feel as overwhelmed in making choices. I have greater confidence and am more efficient with my time with food because the choices are clearer for me.

I enjoyed the kindness and passion Marika brought to every class as well as the physical environment. We gathered around the dining room table with teas, water and nuts offered for us to enjoy and other times foods were displayed for reference … it was a full experience engaging mind, body and soul…what can be better!”


“I chose to take the workshop because I found my health going downhill. My eating habits had morphed into stress eating. and although intellectually I knew how to eat well, I felt that I needed some guidance.

I enjoyed the conversations but I especially enjoyed the introductions of new information. 

I’m not eating processed sugar and I feel great. I’ve cut out white four and caffeine as well. I’m sleeping really well, and am very calm. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and now I’m experimenting more.

Marika, you are so knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge so openly. Your personality + temperament are so pleasant and you bring a true sense of wanting your students to become healthier.”


“I have been particularly interested in wellness and nutrition since my 2002 cancer diagnosis. I received Marika’s Essential Nourishment cookbook as a gift in 2012, heard how wonderful the workshop is from a friend, and thus I signed up.

Marika is a wonderful facilitator. The topics are well organized, and Marika keeps on track while concurrently encouraging interaction for questions and comments in an informal setting. I came home energized after each session. The topic on pH balance tied all the sessions together for me.

I am working on incorporating everything from the workshop into my daily life so that I can build on the base I already have. Marika “repackaged” the information in such a way that it is easy to do this. I also loved her whole body/mind integrated approach.

I so thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much from the workshop that my husband and I signed up for Marika’s summer retreat in Estonia!”


“I would recommend Marika’s Reset and Maintain Workshop to every woman. She provides a wealth of information and ideas to integrate into your kitchen. I feel as though I have hit the reset button and have a good start to a healthy lifestyle.

I am armed with valuable information and the confidence to commit! This workshop is worth your time and money.”


“Marika is such a warm, embracing and caring person, full of information and inspiration. She really explains the science of food in a clear & concise way; you actually understand the importance of eating and what the heck you should be eating. I feel hopeful and informed going forward. I thought I knew a lot about food, but I didn’t.

Now, it almost seems fun to eat in a clean, healthier manner.”